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For Customer Services call 01738 317 302
For Sales call 01738 317 302

In Case of Gas Emergency

If you smell gas or are concerned about a gas-safety matter you should contact the National Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999 immediately. You should also ensure you have:

  • Turned off the gas supply
  • Open all doors and windows
  • Avoid using any naked flames or electric switches

At the time of your call to the emergency services the kind of information they require will include:

  • Site address
  • How many people at the site and whether they are vulnerable
  • Where you can smell gas
  • Your name and contact number
  • Any other circumstances or access details to the site

In Case of a Power Cut

If you have an electrical emergency or power cut, call 105.

Please make sure that you are experiencing a power cut rather than an electrical fault in your property. If your neighbours have power, check your trip switches to make sure they’re on. Trip switches can turn themselves off and interrupt the flow of electricity if they detect a problem with an electrical appliance. If your neighbours have also lost power, then it is likely that you are experiencing a power cut.