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By Care Home Providers for Care Providers.

Entrust Energy is proud to be the only energy supplier in the market that is dedicated to serving the Primary Home Care market. Because of our background in running care homes, we understand your needs and are focused on developing ways on making lives better – both your lives as well as those of your residents.

We have set up a lean company that will give you

Other things I’d like to get across, but are less important (ignore these for now).

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We know your needs because we have lived it

Guaranteed value and transparency

If we can’t offer you great value on your energy today, we will tell you who can.  Our staff are incentivised on customer satisfaction, not sales.

Data-driven energy health check

Care Homes are different from any other business.  We benchmark your consumption against your peers to make sure you are not over-consuming.

Partnering with companies that matter

Whether in solar energy, medicine, insurance or home essentials, get the lowest possible price with our group buying power.

The best renewal rate

Unlike brokers and other suppliers, we don’t increase our margins on renewal.  We want you as part of our community.